Enter the Ibanez Low-End Legion Bass Solo Competition now!

Be the master of the groove

Calling all bass players…During times of uncertainty, isolation, social distancing, Ibanez has provided a call to arms for all bass players to get involved in a global bass solo competition or the low-end legion.

A chance to show off your chops to the world and a platform for bass players to show their unity amongst this trying time and staying connected across social media. The competition will be judged by Ibanez representatives and a special guest judge in none other than Ibanez signature artist and bass wizard Gary Willis.

The competition involves uploading a video to youtube using the selected backing track (available to download via the competition page). Submissions are taken on July 1st and run till August 31st, where the winner will be announced on October 25th, 2020.

There will be one overall winner who will receive the grand prize of a Prestige bass guitar of their choice *excluding signature models* and the two runner ups will receive a Premium bass of their choice *excluding signature models*.



 JUNE 1ST, 2020: Backing Track Released

 JULY 1ST, 2020: Submission Begins

 AUG. 31ST, 2020: Submission Ends

 OCT. 25TH, 2020: Winner Announced



JULY 1ST – AUG. 31ST, 2020



In order to participate, follow the steps below.

1. Download the backing track from the link above.

2. Record a video of yourself playing bass to the backing track. (Note: if you do not play to the backing track provided, your video will be disqualified). When you record, make sure you and your instrument are facing the camera, fully centered with your face visible, and the audio is as clean as possible.

3. Upload the video on Youtube (www.youtube.com) using the following guidelines.

Title your video as follows, Ibanez Low-End Legion 2020: (your name) (city) (state) (country)

Note: In the DESCRIPTION, please feel free to tell us what you like most about Ibanez and how our guitars inspire you. Be sure to share your video on your favorite social networking sites with the tag #ibanezlowendlegion2020 for maximum exposure.

4. Fill out the ENTRY FORM available on this site beginning July 1st, 2020, read and accept THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and SUBMIT.

Visit the Ibanez Low-End Legion bass solo competition page for further details here.