TOA Megaphones: The Industry Standard

Leading the industry standard for life saving applications

The TOA brand offers an extensive range of portable megaphones that provide optimal reinforcement for various applications in different environments such as schools, surf lifesaving, sporting events, government organisation facilities, factories and many others. Featuring compact and stylish designs with powerful outputs, TOA megaphones also include splash-resistant models as well as high-performance shoulder models that provide a separate auxiliary input and even wireless microphone capability (ER-2930W). Other features such as siren (S) and whistle (W) are available on some models. All megaphone models incorporate anti-bacterial treatment to cope with multi-user environments and extended audio range for large use applications.

The megaphone range includes lightweight handheld models with 250m coverage, to 30 Watt models with a range up to a kilometre away. Models with a siren or whistle are ideal for outdoor and sporting events, splash proof models for rowing and water sports to large models which can be stand mounted and used in combination with a wireless microphone to cover large sporting fields

All the TOA megaphones feature long-lasting battery life, wide frequency range for enhanced audio quality, Neodymium magnets for increased audio performance, Polymide speaker diaphragms, made out of highly durable ABS or ASA resin construction and are compact and lightweight.

For more information, visit the TOA website here.


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