Which Orange Amp Is Good For Metal?

We break down the best amps for any sub-genre of metal

From sludgy, slow riffs to classic metal leads from Sabbath and Zeppelin to the new school of metal rockers such as Djent and Progressive. Orange Amps has always been at the forefront of the genre and it’s no surprise that the range covers most of these sub genres perfectly, here’s a list of the best Orange Amps to pair with each sound.

Classic Metal

If you want to sound like Jimmy Page, theres a perfect combination for you as the legendary guitarist actually does use an Orange amp. The AD30 was primarily used during the Led Zeppelin reunion show in 2007 (they were single channel versions). The current version of the AD30 has two channels, one being clean and the other being heavier. To get that thick sound we recommend to use the heavier channel for Page riffs!

Sludge Metal

Heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, sludge metal came about through bands mixing elements of Doom Metal and Hardcore Punk. Heavily detuned guitars, lots of distortion and tempo switching from slow grooves to punk style riffs became the characteristics of the genre. To achieve these sounds, the Crush Pro 120 is the perfect amp to create these sounds. Case in point Kirk Windstein of Sludge Metal band Crowbar utilises this particular amp to create his wall of sound.

Taking inspiration from the Rockerverb 100, the Crush Pro 120 head is a solid state amplifier which delivers warm, rich analogue tone. Kirk started using one on the road and it has taken the place of an amplifier metal great Dimebag Darrell gave him.

Nu Metal

Emerging in the late 90’s and early 00’s, Nu Metal spawned the likes of Slipknot, Linkin Park, Korn and Limp Bizkit. Mixing in elements of Rap, Rock, and Metal these bands forged their own path and established themselves as some of the biggest rock acts in the world. Slipknot’s Jim Root uses a Rockerverb to achieve his distinct signature sound.

The Rockerverb was designed to be an amp for all genres and has been used by so many different players across its over ten year history. With two channels and four stages of gain it has become perfect for this genre. Not only does Jim Root trust the Rockerverb every night on stage but legendary guitarist Head from Korn calls the clean channel ‘buttery’.

Progressive Metal

This sub-genre of Metal features titans such as Tool, Opeth, Rush and Mastondon. Brent Hinds of Mastodon and Orange have specifically created an Amp just for him, the Tiny Terror which fits so perfectly for the type of sound.

The Brent Hinds Terror is a two channel, all valve, lunch box amplifier which was designed specifically to play Mastodon riffs loud. The bedroom/headroom switch makes bedroom practice a simple click of a switch, so nothing will get in the way of thundering riffs!

Visit the Orange ‘Voice of Metal’ for more information about Orange Amps and Metal’s close relationship with classic albums that feature our rang here.

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