Aquarian Drumheads provide drummers with high quality drumheads so that they can concentrate on playing drums and making music.

Due to their innovative ideas and unique products of superior quality, Aquarian have experienced tremendous growth in a relativel short space of time.

Owner of Aquarian Drumheads, Roy Burns, is one of the very few drummers whose career has encompassed virutally every aspect of drumming and the music business.  He has been in a big band as a drummer, a teacher, an author, a clinician, a featured soloist, a studio drummer and even a publisher.  With all his in-depth experience, Roy has lead Aquarian to be one of the leading makers of drumheads in the world.

In Roy's words, "in everything we do, we keep the drummer in mind.  We focus on helping the drummer attain a musical sound and achieve a better performance".  With this goal, it is no wonder why Aquarian drumheads are so revered by drummers around the world and have a vast range of products to suit every need.