Behringer is a brand under the company founder Uli Behringer that is committed to music and technology and has been now for over 25 years.

From a "kitchen-table-start up", to one of the largest and most successful pro audio equipment companies in the world, Behringer has become a force in development to be reckoned with.  In the early days, Behringer focused on studio audio processors as noise reduction systems and compressors - but the product line soon included guitar amplifiers, PA amplifiers, loudspeakers, mixing boards, recording interfaces and more.  The appeal of the progressive Behringer range was the combination of performance and features at an affordable price.

Behringer as part of the ever-growing Music Group, has moved manufacturing from Germany where initial production began to Hong Kong in an effort to lower costs while being able to supervise manufacturing and quality and to better understand the Chinese culture.  The Behringer mantra was to provide products for every musician at affordable prices which developed to be known as 'Double the Features at Half the Price' which has developed a new "Prosumer" market segment around home recording that had not existed before.

That dedicated mantra has seen a development of product ranges that have changed the game by giving results out of traditional products that have consumers rethinking what is possible, such as the X32 product family.

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