Shaping innovation and quality in tone since 1962, Maestro is known as the ‘’Founder of Effects’’ creating the very first commercially available distortion pedal and originator of rock and roll with the iconic FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone. 

Now, the “Founder of Effects'' has launched the Maestro Original Collection, an all-new line of effect pedals. The five new pedals are designed, voiced, and styled for musicians looking to shape their unique sound. 

The new range pays tribute to the sound and style of the brand’s much-beloved classic models of the 60s, with modern features, expanded versatility, and advanced tone-tweaking capabilities.

Sitting comfortably within the Gibson brand portfolio, it’s safe to say the Maestro Original Collection will continue its legacy into the modern era. Australis is thrilled to be the brand’s ANZ partner.

Explore The Range

Maestro’s influence has shaped music as we know it, from The Rolling Stones to the Raconteurs, Pete Townshend to George Harrison, Clapton to Frampton, and the Foo Fighters to the Black Keys. Take a look through the effects that helped these artists achieve their signature sound.