Mesa Boogie


Created by Randall Smith in 1969, Mesa/Boogie was born out of the rocking 60’s where the electric guitar was at the centre of new music. With a rich musical background and a love for tube-based electronics, Smith was working diligently toward a high gain revolution of his own in guitar amplifiers.

As the following years of tinkering and perfected passed by Randall Smith created the game-changing little high gain Boogie®, which go on to have a huge impact on the music of the ‘70s as guitarists finally had the ability to hold notes indefinitely with their newfound sustain. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, a score of additional innovative and patented improvements saw MESA Engineering® emerge as the leader in tube amplifier technology. But none of these vital, now-commonplace improvements sparked the kind of attention MESA received in 1991 when high gain was re-defined once more with the birth of the Dual Rectifier® Solo Head, which commanded the Rock airwaves for the next 15 years.

Over fifty years and thousands of satisfied customers later, MESA/Boogie® Ltd. hand-builds the fifth generational offspring of that pivotal amplifier (and many more) now known around the globe as the MARK I Boogie®; the world’s first high gain, high power, compact 1x12 amplifier. That revolutionary little combo is the “missing link” in amp design... the pivotal nexus between Vintage and Modern guitar amplifiers.

Championed by world renowned artists from the early years with Carlos Santana, to now with Andy Timmons, Dave Grohl, Munky (Korn) Kirk Hammett and James Hatfield of Metallica, Mesa/Boogie continues to innovate quality products for musicians. Expect to see more exciting products and releases from the brand in Australia during the second half of 2021.

Acquired by Gibson Brands in late 2020, Mesa/Boogie joins an impressive line-up of brands under the Gibson umbrella and now finds a new home in Australia exclusively at Australis Music. Please contact the Australis Service Team on for all Mesa/Boogie warranty and service requirements.