Through intense research and development, Kaman Aircraft engineers made discoveries in the late 1940's about the physics of vibration acoustics that would affect guitar sound creation forever.

In 1945, Charles Kaman founded Kaman Aircraft, and in 1947 his company developed a radical helicopter that used inter-meshing rotors and Kaman's patented servo-flap control.  In 1951, Kaman built the world's first gas turbine helicopter - an innovative aircraft now at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

The research led to discoveries about the physics of vibration and acoustics - critical factors in the design and fabrication of helicopter rotor blades, missile nose cones, and other aerospace components exposed to high vibrational stress. After achieving multiple aviation firsts based on the knowledge attained and setting world records with his helicopters, Charles Kaman - who is himself a dedicated guitar enthusiast - decided his aerospace division should apply its technology and know-how to the centuries-old art of guitar making.

Based in a historic red brick factory on the banks of the Farmington River in New Hartford Connecticut, skilled luthiers and designers make beautiful, high performance roundback guitars with painstaking attention to detail - the way they have for more than almost half a century. The passion and spirit of New England craftsmanship and restless American innovation is embodied in every Ovation instrument built.