Seymour Duncan 


Founded in 1976, by Seymour W. Duncan in Santa Barbara, California, Seymour Duncan has become the highly recognisable brand when it comes to guitar pickups and guitar customisation.

Designed and hand built in the U.S.A, Seymour Duncan have been continuously manufacturing the finest guitar parts and pickups. In fact, artists as diverse as Aerosmith, Dinosaur Jr., Dimmu Borgir and countless others are all loyal users of Seymour Duncan guitar parts.

With a growing reputation throughout the 70’s and 80’s Seymour Duncan’s rise to prominence has come to no surprise due to the sheer quality and integrity in their craftsmanship. Seymour Duncan’s ethos boils down from the motto “Quality is mandatory, tone is magical” and with a heavy emphasis on the “family” in family business. With Seymour Duncan pickups, not only can you have an instrument that looks, sounds and plays better, you can have a guitar that reflects your own personality as a musician.

Regardless of which label is used, Seymour Duncan’s passion and obsession for amazing sound, quality and reliability is reflected in every product they make.  In 2020, Seymour Duncan partnered with great artists including country-legend Brad Paisley on his signature "La Brea" Telecaster pickup set, you should keep checking for more!

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