For drummers across the globle the words "Tama Drums" envokes images of quality and innovation alike.

Tama drums and hardware range is manufactured and marketed by the Japanese musical instrument company, Hoshino Gakki - a business driven by quality and desire to develop new technologies for better results.  In the 1970's Tama re-invented drum hardware and what players could expect from it.  The 1980's leading on from that saw Tama introduce the chain drive CAMCO pedal and the first twin bass drum pedal with both beaters contained in the same housing - significant innovations at the time that are now the industry standard.

The innovations have continued into the new century with professional features being supplied even on entry-level kits and the widest selection of snare drums available today.  Tama is simply 'The Strongest Name in Drums'.  Their range of products covers beginners through to professional performance kits - namely the STAR series being the new flagship line launched in 2013 using either Bubinga, Walnut or Maple shells for the highest level of sound production.

Endorsee's of Tama products include Lars Ulrich from Metallica, Mike Portnoy, Charlie Benante, Stewart Copeland, John Tempesta, Simon Philips, Kenny Aronoff, John Dolymayan to name a few of the extensive list because of their innovation and dependable quality.


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