XVIVE Audio manufacture products of unbeatable build and sound quality. The USA design team believe that premium tone and quality can be offered at a competitive price that any musician can afford.

At XVIVE we listen to what the musician has to say, so that our first class engineers can develop all our products with them in mind. We stop at nothing to ensure that the demands of the professional musician are met - high quality sound, powerful tone, ease of use, rapid response, and road-worthy, durable housing.

XVIVE is the leading wireless product - built for microphones, in-ears and guitars to be wireless connected to desks, mixers, across 2.4GHz band which is optimal for wireless and approved for use worldwide.

The U4 personal wireless monitoring system delivers great sounding audio to your favorite in-ear monitors.
Enhance your stage performance with freedom from wires with U4’s easy to use and portable plug-and-play design. Built using the highest quality components housed in a durable metal chassis ensures reliable wireless performance at every show.

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