Epiphones new home in Australia

Australis Music Group is proud to be appointed the new Australian Distributor for Epiphone.

With an instrument building history stretching all the way back to 1873, Epiphone has risen to one of the worlds most popular Guitar brands. Their famous association with Gibson Guitars, fantastic signature models and wide appeal to many genres of music has helped the brand remain at the forefront of the stringed instrument industry.

Epiphones models and parallels to its "bigger brother" are instantly recognisable and their innovative yet traditional approach to Guitar design, high quality of materials used and wide product range mean that an Epiphone usually finds its way into a Guitarists repertoire. Whether it be a Les Paul Standard, one of their popular PlusTop series, a Dot or Sheraton Hollowbody, a Hummingbird acoustic or one of Epiphone's coveted Masterbilt Series instruments - Epiphone has a Guitar for everybody. 

2018 Guitars will be arriving to Australia from early August and will be fully backed by an Australian 12 Month Warranty*. All Guitars will also undergo a 16 Point Quality Check before shipping to stores by Australis's experienced and highly trained Guitar Technicians. 


*2018 stock only covered by the Australis 12 Month Warranty