Sabian Releases Their New Summer Stax Series

Aggressive cymbal stacks to heat up the mercury

Just as the temperature starts to heat up, Sabian has released limited edition cymbal stack combos that hallmark the aggressive and bright sound that the company is known for. Exclusive to Australia are the impressively named Mini Monster and Sizzler.

The Mini Monster features a 12” AAX Aero Splash over a 10” AA Mini Holy China, which demands all the volume, trash and cut you can get with a dynamic burst of white noise concentration that fills up the void in any room.

The second Summer Stax Series, The Sizzler offers a thin, dry 16” Sick top of a nasty, aggressive 16” XSR China. The cymbal stack serves up a sizzling-loud (hence the name) attack that is sure to please, creating a sound so loud it has the power to stop lead guitars dead in their tracks.

Both The Mini-Monster and Sizzler will be available purchase within the coming months.

In the meantime check out the Summer Stax cymbals in action with Joe Bergamini below:

The Mini Monster

The Sizzler

For more info visit the Sabian website here.