MIDAS 2024

Welcome to a preview from MIDAS, of exciting new products that enhance the award winning family of live sound mixers.

First shown at the recent NAMM show in LA and showcased at the ISE show in Barcelona, full technical specification and pricing are still TBC but 2024 is set to be a huge year for MIDAS.

Australis Pro Audio will keep you fully updated as soon as more information is available. For immediate enquiries or to be placed on a wait list please contact proaudio@australismusic.com.au    

Adding to an already amazing live sound platform, Midas have released a raft of new features and plugins in the V2 firmware for the HD96.


Multi Band Compressors MBC 
Brainwave Spatial Audio System
Support for Sennheiser EM6000
Elgato Stream Deck integration
TC Electronic Clarity M

External Insert
Reaper OSC integration for Transports and Project setup (Via Cobalt)
Transient Gate
mCloud simplified support portal


Live performance digital console with up to 144 simultaneous input channels and 96 kHz sample rate 
Hyper-lightweight (<23 kg) including flight case (not included) in a flyable package 
123 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses 
21" full colour TFT, high-brightness screen with capacitive touch sensing
Advanced and multi-gesture, touchscreen user interface 
Award-winning Midas microphone preamplifiers 
Dual HyperMAC and AES50 allows up to 480 inputs and outputs at 96 kHz sample rate 

The perfect partner for the HD96-AIR is HD-96FB16 Fader bay HD96-AIR awarded 'Best In Show' at ISE

MIDAS Cobalt

Single USB C Connection 
Dual Redundant HyperMac In/Out 
HyperMac status indication LEDS 
24-bit audio operation with switchable 96/48Khz sample rate of USB audio stream

Up to 192 bidirectional channels at 96 kHz 
Dual redundant auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply 
Clocked from incoming AES50 or HMAC ports 
Connection redundancy status available from connected console indicating cable state
Neutrik etherCON connectors used for AES50 ports and copper snake connection 
Dual-fibre Neutrik opticalCON DUO connector used for optical fibre snake connection 

Personal monitoring system hub with PoE remote powering for 4 DP48 personal mixers and compatible stage boxes 
AES50 IN and THRU ports for cascading hubs or stage boxes with 48 bidirectional channels at 48/44.1 kHz, or 2x 24 channels at 96 kHz
  16 balanced analogue outputs providing 8 personal stereo mixes for IEM transmitters in a side rack 
Channel naming and colour properties can be distributed from compatible M32 or HD96 consoles 
4 Midas DL8 stage boxes can be connected as sub-snakes on stage and powered from ports 1-4 

ULTRANET distribution hub for powered connection of 2 personal monitoring mixers 
Digital audio and control connectivity for Turbosound speaker systems with ULTRANET networking capability 
Dual AES50 SuperMAC ports for cascading additional stageboxes—no merger or router required 
Rack ears and protection bumpers included for installed and on-stage applications 

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