The Vater brand was officially established in November 1991, but the Vater family history with drumsticks started decades earlier in the basement of Boston's legendary Jack's Drum Shop.

There Alan and Ron's grandfather, Jack Adams, hand turned drumsticks  as early as 1956 for the likes of Buddy Rich.  In the early to mid-1980's, the Vater brothers began producing private-label drumsticks alongside sticks for Vic Firth and Zildjian - both household names. A few years of this led to the brothers deciding to move their business to a new factory in Holbrook MA where they could  continue their traditional methods but achieve a higher level of output.

Over the past decade, the Vater family and product line has expanded greatly, introducing innovative products such as the Splash Stick and Acoustic and welcoming worldwide renowned drummers like Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland, Josh Freeze and most recently Mike Mangini.  At Vater, the goal is simple - to produce the very best drumsticks and percussion accessories in the world.