Founded in 1926 originally as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company in London, England, Tannoy presides over one of the longest and most distinguished histories in the world of audio equipment.

Renowned for its tradition of loudspeaker and public-address systems innovation, most famously for the development and ongoing evolution of the Dual Concentrtic point-source transducer and its many derivatives. First developed in 1948, the technology has been subject to constant evolution and refinement over successive decades, taking advantage of new materials, manufacturing methods and acoustic research. Tannoy remains at the forefront of the premium performance loudspeaker market, and notably does so while maintaining its engineering and manufacturing based in the United Kingdom.

The company was founded by Guy Fountain and is now continually developed by the Music Group resulting now in the brand having over 90 years of innovation.  

Through the decades of developments, Tannoy products have become the weapon of choice for musicians and industry professionals alike - Grammy Award-winning mixing legend Tony Maserati has mixed countless hit songs and albums on Tannoy monitors for close to three decades now.

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